Quyên Đỗ
Date: Mar 27, 2013

thật tuyệt vời, đây là phần mềm đọc văn bản tiếng việt chuẩn ở việt nam, giọng đọc rất rõ nét, hi vọng các phiên bản sau của anh ngày càng hoàn thiện hơn, cám ơn anh rất nhiều!
VNSpeech! - Testimonials

My family lives in Oregon where Vietnamese is rarely spoken. I've been teaching my children Vietnamese for years but still had so many difficulties in conversation. This TTS helps them improve their Vietnamese faster than ever since i've found this website. Thanks so much.


Date of Posting: 06 June 2010
Posted By: Samatha Tran

I'm so happy to have found this TTS. I've been using this software for nearly a month and it help me learned Vietnamese so much. Thanks!


Date of Posting: 06 June 2010
Posted By: Janus Marshall

Thank you so much for this great TTS !!! I am learning Vietnamese for some months and your software help me very much ! P.Nanning


Date of Posting: 29 January 2010
Posted By: Pierre Nanning
Student in Vietnam, TP HCM

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